We conjure environments, Where the lost species roam free, 

Existence is in suspense, Dreams become reality,

Lives are dreamed in these domains, Streaming from our pulsing veins, 

Beauty, viciously unchained, Flowing through the Feral Plains.

- Poem by Nico

"Digital artists Feral Plains delve deeply into the intricacies and symbolism of life.  Nothing is placed on the page without meaning and a pure representational objective.

These balanced and deeply emotionally charged pieces make their work easily identifiable in the art world.

There needs to be a deep understanding of the transience of life, both explored and considered, for it to be so beautifully expressed in their work.  The dark and striking females often seen in their pieces are haunting and powerful.  There is much to be seen in the narrative, and Feral Plains is always inviting you to explore the meaning hidden behind the pieces.  It is no coincidence that Biem and Marijn find inspiration from strong women with defining stories, not unlike their own.

The mythology behind the pieces is what attracted me to their work, and their ability to express the emotion using three-dimensional modeling.  Feral Plains digital painting style is deeply thoughtful, bold women, both behind and on the page..."

- Kylie Dexter, PA to Editor-in-Chief Beautiful.Bizarre and Artist at Dolldrums

Marijn Achten, born in India, graduated with a Master in Visual Arts at the Media, Arts and Design Faculty Genk in 2004.

Biem D'hondt, born in beautiful Bruges Belgium, graduated with a Master in International Political Science at the University Ghent in the same year.

Enjoying the studies but with no passion to work in the political field, they started working together as freelance photographers for advertising companies and various magazines.  

In 2015 the earlier crisis took many commissions away and it was time for something closer to the soul.

Feral Plains was born.



2004 Master in Visual Arts at Media, Arts and Design Faculty Genk

2004 Master in International Political Science, University Ghent 

Exhibitions and Publications :

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